please dont stop reblogging NN posts and actua…


make your own emails. write your own arguments. don’t use preformatted things. if this will affect you seriously please emphasize that. they must hear this on all sides that net neutrality protects us

the public emails of the people who can vote net neutrality

Ajit Pai –

Mignon Clyburn –

Michael O’Rielly – Mike.O’

Brendan Carr –

Jessica Rosenworcel –

some of them are in favor of net neutrality; i believe it’s the two women

please don’t send them hate or anything. that will not fix this issue. we need well-structured arguments, and a lot of emotion. for fuck’s sake there are people that can’t leave their homes because of disability/other factors and they will not be able to support themselves. don’t write about fandoms; they don’t care about that. write about schools and home shopping and freedom of expression
thank you