Net Neutrality: Round 2

With the FCC vote to repeal Net Neutrality passed, it’s clear that we have lost this battle but our war isn’t over. There’s still hope and a chance to make it right.

If we lose it guys we’re not just getting charged for using the internet but were also losing these websites. But to be clear this is just what I’ve been informed on what could be lost. Key word is “could”.













-ALL online games and networks

-ALL online shopping services

-ALL online classes

-ALL the porn (lol I mean their still the FCC)

Or text RESIST to 50409 and get walked through the process of making your voice heard to your senator. They represent you and always will

Text “BATTLE” to 384-387 is also a useful one considering that 50408 is no longer working 😅

CALL: 202-418-1000 (FCC)

– say your Name

– your State

– & that you oppose the repeal of Net Neutrality !! if they don’t pick up leave a Voicemail

this is literally our only hope 🙏 plz call #NetNeutrality

But in the mean time Tumblr, BREAK THE INTERNET. Reblog these pics, post your own thoughts/blogs, spread the word, Join the Fight!

Don’t lie down and wait for results, make the results happen, we’re the people, we’re stronger than we know. Now let’s show it

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