caffelattestudies: Accept that it’s going to …


  1. Accept that it’s going to be tough. Yeah, it’s going to suck. You’re going to
        have to work so hard. You’re going to be disappointed. You’re going to
        fail sometimes. And that’s fine. You’re going to embarrass yourself, you’re
        going to get rejected by your crush, you’re going to get a disappointing
        grade on something you’ve studied two weeks for. It’s going to happen. And
        you need to learn to be okay with that.
  2. Take your time in the shower. This sounds silly. But at least for me,
        one of the only moments of absolute relax is when I’m showering, because I
        cannot be productive when I’m in the water. So take the time to sing a
        little song, close your eyes and breathe.
  3. Study when it’s right for you. Okay, so we’ve all seen people claim that
        you absolutely need to get your homework done the moment you get home. But
        at least for me, that just doesn’t work. I’m a night owl, and I can’t
        study as well during the day as I can during the night. So get to know
        yourself. Experiment. See when you find yourself more in the zone. But
        this leads me to my next point:
  4. Organization is key. Organization is all about priorities. Just make sure to leave time
        to study. So you’ve decided you like studying in the early afternoon.
        Alright, so you need to free as many early afternoons as possible to
        study. Of course one day you’ll have guitar class and the other day your
        friend Judy invites you to her pool party, but always, always, always take
        in the realistic time you need to get your homework done.
  5. Do the homework no one else does. So say you have a teacher. Your teacher
        hasn’t checked the homework in like, two months. It’s not much, but you’re
        feeling lazy, and no one else is doing it. Well, do it anyways. It’s
        probably not that much, and even if you do part of it, it’s better than
        not doing it at all. It’s better for you when a test inevitably comes
        (when everyone is cramming and asking you what the word ‘thermodynamic’
        even means) or if the teacher decides to check homework randomly and you’re
        the only one who’s done it.
  6. Have a healthy relationship with your teachers. That doesn’t mean you have to
        be best buddies. Not even buddies at all. But ‘good morning’ and ‘good
        afternoon’ in the hallways go a long way. Ask questions. Take notes, pay
        attention. Show them respect. Every teacher has their own fixations, learn
        theirs. For example, one of my teachers hates people fidgeting. So I sit
        extra still during that class. Another one hates people who eat during their
        period, so I don’t eat during their lessons. It’s tiny things, but they
        make a lot of difference. Teachers are human, and if you are a nice,
        hard-working student, they will help you in any way they can.
  7. Make time for yourself. This is personally a hard one for me. I
        overwork myself a lot. But it is so important to take naps, and sleep
        through a night, see your friends, hang out with your grandma, start
        volunteering at the homeless shelter, get a part-time job. Not only do
        they give your mind a break, but they also give you a broader perspective
        on life (and you know, some of them look really good on college
  8. If you are having trouble, speak up. Whether it is mental health issues, or
        academic issues, or family issues. School counsellors are there for a
        reason. And you’ll always find a friend who will be happy to hear you out
        and help you (and if you don’t, feel free to message me). So many things
        that feel crushing feel instantly better the moment in which you get them
        off your chest.
  9. And finally, you are going to be okay. No
        matter how many heartbreaks you face, no matter how many disappointments,
        no matter how much the world feels like it’s going to crush you, you are
        going to live through this. You will be okay. High school doesn’t last
        forever, so cherish the good parts while you’re living them.