The mistreatment of Jin – a BigHit callout pos…


A lot of people seem to think that BigHit could never do wrong and know what’s best for BTS. They think BigHit and BTS are a “family”. Well it’s time to wake up..! BigHit isn’t any better when compared to big companies like SM or YG for example. They’re just as problematic like K-Pop companies often tend to be. The perfect example of this is how they’ve been treating Jin these past 4 years.

!! – a few of these facts are just borderline emotional abuse..

okay, let’s get started:

Apparently Bang-PD walked around calling Jin fat???? wtf (this was 2013, before their debut and around the same time Jin went on a diet no one talks about where he only ate chicken breast for A YEAR.)


– And guess what? Bang-PD isn’t the only one who has called Jin fat: even his manager did. Fortunately they fired him because he was mistreating Jungkook.

– Jin majored in acting but in the House of ARMY, he got all the insignificant roles with basically zero dialogue. Yoongi even said Seokjin had texted him, shocked that he didn’t have any dialogue in the script. In the Making of-video he was clearly pissed: when the camera man said they’ll be filming Jin next he said “Oh, wow. Do I get to appear alone?” asdfghjkl. Jin was salty, but tried so hard to be positive. (he even avoided looking straight into the camera while they were interviewing him.. on the inside he was definitely feeling wronged.)

– Let’s be honest. BigHit could easily push him in the OST direction or debut him as an actor if they wanted, but no.

– Jin was once forced to perform even though he had hurt his neck in Kcon Paris. BigHit never made an official report about his condition… (it’s funny how they made a report about namjoon’s toe and suga’s ear but not this.)


– Now let’s talk about his LINES. Remember Blood, Sweat and Tears where he had to share his few lines with Jimin? That was the most unnecessary thing ever. (later in the japanese ver. they made jin’s voice stand out more than jimin’s. lol I guess even BigShit felt a bit guilty??) I’ve seen people trying to defend this by saying that it’s okay because Jin was the ~Main Character~ in the MV. But honestly, where is the logic in that? BTS are a K-pop group! Their voices are the most important thing about them!


– Jin is the only one who didn’t get a single line in any of the year end 2016 special stages (rainism: jungkook, as i told you: jimin, v, jungkook & class idea: namjoon, hoseok, jungkook… suga wasn’t there because of his ear injury.) He was just a backup dancer and nothing else.

– Remember when people were hyping up Spring Day because apparently this was supposed to be the song where Jin would shine… even V said Jin would surprise us all and umm.. well he didn’t.

– BigHit removed Jin from the thumbnail of Not Today MV because ????

– Speaking of Not Today. Let’s talk about this fuck up…


– *coughs* This was his only solo shot and it lasted about 2 seconds. Really. BTS filmed for almost 24 hours in cold weather and you’re telling me this is the only shot of Jin that was “good enough”. I don’t think so, because we saw the Behind the scenes-video and they were filming Jin quite a lot. They just didn’t use the clips.


– They keep telling Jin his voice is suited for ballads, but Butterfly was a ballad and he was once again the vocal who had the least amount of lines. (and some of them were not even lines like repeating “untrue” is.. not really a line)


– … so basically the ballad comment was just some bs excuse, let’s be real no one fits only 1 type of music. Plus here are some Bangtan’s slower/not hiphop songs I think Jin’s voice could easily be fitted in but he still got the least amount of lines: Spring Day Studio Version, Miss Right, YNWA, Just One Day, Outro: Propose, House of Cards, Coffee…


– Now the most recent fuck up is BTS’ cover of Seo Taiji’s song ‘Come Back Home’ and people are still debating whether Jin has ANY lines at all. The MV for the song was uploaded to CJENMMUSIC’s official youtube and their header was changed to a… group photo… of BTS… except Jin was nowhere to be seen. The fact that they forgot Jin is unbelievable and just plain disrespectful. No product should ever be released without approval and double check. None. And while we don’t know if BigHit had anything to do with the header, whose fault it is that even these other companies tend to forget Jin because they aren’t promoting him enough?

This was not a simple mistake. It means that design and marketing teams from HUGE companies like CJEN don’t see him.

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